We are passionate about creating nourishing experiences and environments for children to learn and to grow.

Why Choose Storyoga?

  • We are dedicated to embracing and empowering children exactly as they are and to raising kind, caring, conscious human beings of this world.
  • Using the practices and principles of yoga, children will learn mindfulness, empathy, and how to self-regulate using their breath.
  • Our learning environment is filled with beauty, natural materials, and fosters peaceful play.
  • We believe in embracing the magic of childhood and in taking the time to slow down and marvel in all the wonders of this fast paced world.
  • We offer a low teacher child ratio which allows for greater one-on-one connection and meaningful relationships to be made.

“My kids have gained so much confidence and resilience from your yoga, meditation, and all the approaches you take. Ryo didn’t spend too much time with you, but he remembers everything you’ve taught him and he knows how to use those skills in his life. He sometimes reminds me to deep breathe when I am overwhelmed or upset. He sees me meditating in the morning and he says he does that before he goes to bed with his deep breathing and affirmations. He also tells me that when something hard or pain occurs, he breathes deeply and it goes away. He understands how lucky we are to have the food on the table, a roof to sleep under, and simply who we are. Maya listens to our conversations and seems to get them. My kids are very confident in their own skins. They know they are loved and safe on this planet.”

Kanna Laird, 2017


What Kids are saying
  • “Once upon a time there was a little girl named Mattea and she always liked to go to Storyoga. The little girl had so much fun at Storyoga that she even didn’t want to leave.” ~ Mattea, 4
  • “She reads us stories and we colour. I love drawing inside the shapes – and about Vanessa, I love her!” ~ Darien, 4
  • I like doing the downward dog and the pom – pom blessing. I like yoga because it is good for your body and we learn about nature.” ~ Lucas, 6
  • “I like the stories Vanessa read to us, and I liked doing Namaste Mountain.” ~ Renee, 6
What Parents are saying
  • “I heard about your classes and camps from several of the Sidney Preschool moms. I’ve talked to quite a few people about your classes at Strongstart, Preschool, and in Logan’s Kindergarten and I have never heard a bad thing. You should be really proud of the strong reputation you have built in your small community.” ~ Joscelyn, Sidney BC
  • “Kaylee absolutely loves the class and you also. We have tried a few after-school things before and she has never been enthusiastic about them. With this yoga she comes home and can’t wait to show us what she is learning. Thanks for all the energy you put into it.” ~ Sarah Paulson, Sidney BC
What Teachers are saying
  • “Hi Vanessa. Thanks so much for having me. I felt so comfortable… a sense of coming home or at least inspiration for the type of environment I want to be involved with. Out of all the centres I visited, yours was the most beautiful in so many ways, especially the vibration of peace.” ~ Yvonne MacKenzie, Pender Island BC
  • “Vanessa’s interactive storytelling, wide use of colorful, playful props and the brilliant way in which she engages children in yoga poses was a hit with the children in our program! Thank you Vanessa for exposing our children to yoga in such a fun, positive way.” ~ Lori, Victoria BC