We are continuing to work diligently behind the scenes to ensure the health and safety of everyone at Storyoga.


Updated August 25, 2021 

As per provincial health orders, effective today, all adults will be required to wear a mask while inside the building. Parents and Guardians do not have to wear a mask outside. 

The Government of British Columbia also announced that it has updated the Communicable Disease Guidelines for K-12 settings for the 2021/2022 school year and that the current public health guidance for child care settings remains in effect.

“Child care guidelines were carefully considered alongside the updates for K-12. At this time, BCCDC has not recommended changes to the Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings (please see link below). BCCDC and local Medical Health Officers continue to monitor COVID-19 cases, including those impacting schools and child care facilities. We will keep you informed in the weeks and months ahead to determine if changes are recommended.” 
As per the Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings, staff will not be required to wear a mask during their interactions with the children. It is our goal to provide a safe and supportive environment while prioritizing their social and emotional development.
As included in the Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings which remains in effect: 
“Masks may only provide limited protective value for adult-child interactions in child care settings, as there are multiple effective infection prevention and exposure control measures in place and young children are less likely to be infected. Child care staff and other adults may choose to wear a mask indoors when engaging in prolonged, close interaction with children. Careful consideration should be given to the potential impact of mask wearing on visual cueing and non-verbal communication with children, as these interactions play an important role in learning and development.” 
We will continue to support our staff in getting vaccinated but will not be making it mandatory at this time. We will continue to follow health and safety measures including frequent hand washing, daily health checks, and implementing enhanced cleaning processes. 
We thank all of you for your adaptability and extreme kindness as we continue to move through this unprecedented time. 


With love and gratitude, 
Vanessa Lee