What Nourishes You?

Last week I was in the garden gathering flowers and herbs for the classroom when a thought came to surface:  “What Nourishes You?” With a handful of calendula, dahlias, rosemary and mint, I thought – this nourishes me. Being in the garden and connected to the earth is what nourishes me. This theme has stayed with me since that morning and has led me to consider where else I find nourishment in my life:

Laughing with friends and being in good company nourishes me.

Building a fire and staying warm from its’ natural heat nourishes me.

Spending time at my family cabin on Gabriola Island nourishes me.

Listening to the sound of the waves come in and out of shore nourishes me.

Enjoying a cup of Silk Road tea with a spoonful of honey nourishes me.

Making malas with healing semi-precious stones nourishes me.

Swimming in the ocean and spending time in the forest nourishes me.

Preparing mindful meals with real, whole, fresh ingredients nourishes me.

Making and bottling my own kombucha nourishes me.

This has since reignited my thinking on how passionate I am about nourishing ourselves and our children from the inside out.

Providing nourishing and nurturing environments and experiences for children is one of the key foundations in which Storyoga is built upon and is what informs our practise.

It is evidenced in the classroom environment through intentionally set tables with beautifully placed centre pieces.

It speaks through fresh flowers, plants, herbs, and nature’s touch.

It is demonstrated through the use of real materials such as ceramic dishes, mortal and pestle, and mason jars.

It speaks through organic hot cacao made from scratch and green garden smoothies with fresh picked kale.

Through gathering together around a harvest table to enjoy apple pie.

It speaks through our time spent in nature and our visits to the creek.

Through mindfulness mandalas and the opportunity to truly imagine and create.

Through puddle jumping and outdoor tea parties.

It speaks through the space to learn and simply be.

It speaks through frog belly breathing and our one love prayer flags that hang above us for circle and story time.

I believe that when we feel nourished, we feel whole. And that it is these moments of nourishment that feed our soul.

May we take the time to tune in to what nourishes us most and to use that as inspiration to nourish and nurture the minds and hearts of all of the little people in our lives.

With love,