Summer Camps

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Storyoga Nature Lovers’ Summer Camp

(3 – 6 years)

A two-, three-, or five-day camp designed to nurture your child’s body, mind, and spirit through a nourishing blend of stories, yoga, relaxation, breathing, art, daily outdoor explorations, smoothie making, organic juicing, fruit popsicles, and more. Do tree pose with a tree, shadow yoga with the sun. Children will be inspired while simply having fun!

All of our staff are certified Early Childhood Educators and meet all licensing requirements. Our staff must provide a clear criminal record check; complete first aid training; and provide professional references and a doctor’s certification of good health prior to their employment. They must also provide a record of their work history, copies of diplomas or certificates and evidence that they are licensed to practice in BC. All staff are required to attend training and relevant re-certification events in order to provide a high level of quality care for children.

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July 10 – 14
July 17 – 21
July 24 – 28
August 14 – 18
Agust 21 – 25

9 – noon OR
9 – 3 pm NEW!

Tues/Thurs 9 – noon: $72
Mon/Wed/Fri 9 – noon: $108
Mon-Fri 9 – noon: $180

Tues/Thurs 9 – 3 pm: $144
Mon/Wed/Fri 9 – 3 pm: $216
Mon-Fri 9 – 3 pm: $360

Storyoga Preschool: 2151 Lannon Way, Sidney BC (Greenglade Community Centre)

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Storyoga Goddess Girls’ Summer Camp

(6 – 10 years)

Embrace and empower the goddess in you during this three-day, feel-good Summer Camp! Our week together will include a balanced blend of yoga, stories, garden meditation, mindfulness walks, smoothie making, organic juicing, creative art, journaling, and other nourishing activities. This four-day camp will nurture a love for oneself inside and out!

August 8 – 11
9 – 12 pm
4 days: $144

Greenglade Community Centre: 2151 Lannon Way, Sidney BC

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