Storyoga Mala


In keeping with our mantra of embracing and empowering ourselves (and our children) exactly as we are, the Storyoga Mala has been purposefully designed to nurture a sense of love, healing, empowerment, and peace. Each stone has been carefully selected and each mala handmade with love.


Amethyst: From its calming colour to its healing properties of tranquility and peace, amethyst has been chosen as the Guru stone to bring about a sense of contentment and ease.

Rose Quartz: Pink with purpose, Rose Quartz is known as a stone of gentle love. It emits a calming, cooling energy, and balances the heart chakra as well as those above.

Turquoise: This brilliant blue stone offers protective qualities and is a grounding source. It is said to be a healer of the spirit, a bringer of kindness, and a tool for empowerment on one’s course.

Locally made and designed by Shanti Collective in Victoria BC ♥