Guiding Principles

Space & Freedom:

We believe in giving children the space to be who they are and the freedom to make meaning of the world in their own unique way. Storyoga Preschool offers a nurturing environment for children to explore and grow into themselves, as themselves.


We are committed to providing a beautiful and sensory-rich environment for children to learn and explore. We believe this offers children a greater perspective and appreciation for the world around them. Beautiful objects, natural materials, potted plants, and fresh flowers are seen throughout the classroom to inspire aesthetic awareness and to provide motivation for their own creative work to be born.


Respect for ourselves, for one another, and our earth.

Mother Nature Is Our Teacher:

We believe that being in nature takes us back to our true nature of being divinely happy, playful, and free. Perhaps you can recall a time camping in the forest, climbing a tree, or building a fort on the beach. Being in the outdoor world allows us to reconnect to ourselves and takes us back to the basics of slowing down, observing our surroundings, and remembering to tread softly on the earth. There is so much to learn from Mother Nature, beginning with her slow and patient pace. At Storyoga Preschool, we embrace the outdoors as our teacher and use the natural world as inspiration for our learning. We pay close attention to the seasons, and natural cycles of change and growth around us. Immersing ourselves in the outdoor world reminds us that we are all connected and that we all share this earth. We believe that nature sparks creativity, curiosity, and a deep sense of wonder.

Process vs. Product:

Storyoga Preschool is not a goal- or product-oriented in such a way to tick the boxes of completion or accomplishment at the end of a task. We honour the learning process as being continuous and one that is reflective of each child. We support each child on their individual learning path and foster the dispositions necessary to be life-long learners.

Image of the Child:

We see each child as competent, capable, and unique. We see each child as an integral member of the classroom and society. We see children as
teachers and value their part in the shared learning journey. We see children as active learners and recognize play as being the primary vehicle to making meaning of the world around them.

Emergent Curriculum:

At Storyoga Preschool, we embrace an emergent curriculum whereby learning is co-constructed alongside the child. “In early childhood education, curriculum isn’t the focus, children are. Curriculum is what happens in an educational environment – not what is rationally planned to happen, but what actually takes
place” (Authentic Childhood, pg 160). Rather than planning a year ahead of set “themes”, which are generally teacher directed, our curriculum will unfold freely and will be reflective of the interest and passions of the children and the teachers.


Documentation is an integral part of the program and acts to create transparency between teacher, parent, and child. Throughout the year, you can expect to see and receive photos as well as documented ideas/quotes from the children. Not only does this offer parents a glimpse into their child’s learning experience, but it also honours the image of the child as being one that is competent and whose ideas matter.

Yoga in the Classroom:

Yoga: to yoke or unite the mind, body, and spirit.
Yoga is something that is practiced as a way of being rather than a way of doing. It is woven into the program in many ways beginning with the peaceful energy set of the class, the way we communicate to one another in a mindful way, our connection to the garden and the outdoors, the natural materials that are used, and an overall holistic approach to nurturing and honouring each child. We embrace yoga days in the class where we roll out our mats and practice the poses together, but strive to work on a deeper level that extends beyond the physical practice and into the hearts and minds of your children.

Words we live by:

“The marks on the children’s clothes, the pockets filled with sand, the paint in the hair – these are the indicators of architects, artists, and scientists in training. If we worry too much about wet or dirty clothing we can place a real damper on the spirit of learning and self-discovery.” ~ author unknown