Storyoga Classroom

Storyoga Preschool is a progressive nature and yoga based program committed to embracing and empowering children exactly as they are. We are passionate about creating nourishing experiences and environments for children to grow. We are committed to beauty, using natural materials, and have a great appreciation for the outdoors.

Culture & Climate of Storyoga:

There is a certain way of being in the classroom and amongst one another that is seen and felt. The physical space is natural, soothing, inviting, bright, playful, colourful, and spacious. We coexist together in a place that honours, respects, and cares for one another. The classroom climate is one of peace, respect, love, and kindness. The children are given the space and freedom to explore, discover, and marvel in everyday wonders.

What do Parents have to say?

♥ “Excellent relationships with the children. Amazing environment where children feel safe and confident to take risks both academically, socially, and emotionally.”

♥ “Storyoga teaches a great foundation for a holistic life. I love the calm environment and all the great activities (yoga, nature, healthy eating, breathing).”

♥ “Calm environment, nourishing shack, positive role model, yoga instructor, incredible life lessons ie. mindful eating, beautiful, peaceful space.”

What I love about Storyoga Preschool

I love that it is bright and colourful.
I love that its backdrop is on a small island, in a small town, surrounded by big trees and a slow creek.
I love that its feet are in a garden and its eyes are pointed in every direction including the inside world of their tiny beautiful lives.
I love that a bright-eyed sunny girl is the guide to their growing into this place and that she has added spice and flavour with other enthusiastic helpers.
I love pj days, pancakes and green smoothies. I love nature walks!
I love the language of brave and courage and love that is explored.
Did I mention I love the brightness of every day?
I marvel at how hard and long you shine your light out for these children to
see and follow.
I love the smells, and the paint and the freedom and that for one beautiful year Drew was shown to follow her creative heart and her individual self was honoured and trusted.
I knew always it was a good idea that you started a preschool, but truly Vanessa I had no idea the weight and value that it would carry. Forever in the hearts of my children and myself.

Thank you so much for all you do and carry for us the parents and for the tiny children you are truly tending to. I wish you a summer of joy and inspiration and also rest rest rest, from which all true greatness grows.

We love you.

Jeannine Wakely, 2013