What Kids are saying:

“Once upon a time there was a little girl named Mattea and she always liked to go to Storyoga. The little girl had so much fun at Storyoga that she even didn’t want to leave.” ~ Mattea, 4

“She reads us stories and we colour. I love drawing inside the shapes – and about Vanessa, I love her!” ~ Darien, 4

“I like doing the downward dog and the pom-pom blessing. I like yoga because it is good for your body and we learn about nature.” ~ Lucas, 6

“I like the stories Vanessa read to us, and I liked doing Namaste Mountain.” ~ Renee, 6

“I like the calmness, the stories, and the fun poses.” ~ Trey, 7

What Parents are saying:

“I heard about your classes and camps from several of the Sidney Preschool moms. I’ve talked to quite a few people about your classes at Strongstart, Preschool, and in Logan’s Kindergarten and I have never heard a bad thing. You should be really proud of the strong reputation you have built in your small community.” ~ Joscelyn, Sidney BC

“Carleigh wanted me to tell you that she loves coming to your classes because she has so much fun colouring, reading stories (especially when the little puppets come to visit) and the yoga is great. She shows us all the new things that she has learned when she gets home from class. She also has said that she loves coming to the classes because you are a great teacher and you make every class lots of fun.” ~ Tracey, Sidney BC

“Wow Vanessa! After attending the demo class at the library I knew I was impressed with the way you introduce and integrate yoga with children’s stories and concepts, but I am bowled over with the detailed and extensive feedback you gave us as parents following yesterday’s half day class – this is so helpful! Thank you. I also really appreciate the photos.” ~ Sandra Dhillon, Victoria BC

“Your gentle, caring manner and the wise listening you offered them during all their classes was food for their souls. Of course they loved your ‘mindful’ cookies and the bean bag animals they carried on their heads into the labyrinth… but it was the conversation that you started inside their beings through your stories and discussions about happiness and authenticity that they have carried forward into their young lives. Thank you so much.” ~ Charlotte Hunter, Sidney BC

“Kaylee absolutely loves the class and you also. We have tried a few after-school things before and she has never been enthusiastic about them. With this yoga she comes home and can’t wait to show us what she is learning. Thanks for all the energy you put into it.” ~ Sarah Paulson, Sidney BC

What Teachers are saying:

“Hi Vanessa. Thanks so much for having me. I felt so comfortable… a sense of coming home or at least inspiration for the type of environment I want to be involved with. Out of all the centres I visited, yours was the most beautiful in so many ways, especially the vibration of peace.” ~ Yvonne MacKenzie, Pender Island BC

“Vanessa’s interactive storytelling, wide use of colorful, playful props and the brilliant way in which she engages children in yoga poses was a hit with the children in our program! Thank you Vanessa for exposing our children to yoga in such a fun, positive way.” ~ Lori, Victoria BC

“I never knew yoga could be enjoyed by and with children, until you came. Thank you so much for the wonderful contribution you made to our daycare. The children surely loved it!” ~ Sarah, Victoria BC

“Thank you so much! I truly walked out of your workshop with so much more knowledge and ideas, and feel like I have so much more to offer my class. It was very enriching and definitely worth the price. My son and I had a sushi picnic at the beach (on my yoga mat) this evening and we practiced the butterfly, bumble bee, dragonfly, flower pose and he loved it! He wanted to do it over and over again!” ~ Sophie Suzuki, Victoria BC

“Organized, well thought out and balanced presentation. I came away with lots of new gems. Thank you for the inspiration!” ~ Kathy Beliveau, Naniamo BC