Storyoga At McTavish Now Open!

Second Storyoga Preschool Location
Opening August 2018!

Welcome to Storyoga.

A place where children’s literature, a love of nature, and yoga unite.

Born in 2009, Storyoga started as a holistic program designed to bring together children’s literature with yoga.

Since then, it has taken greater shape and form and has become a philosophy of its’ own committed to embracing and empowering children of all ages.

“Embracing and empowering children exactly as they are”

Storyoga Stories

by Vanessa Braun Feb 21, 2018

Self-Care as a Daily Practise

This past weekend I participated in the Looking Glass Foundation’s Hand in Hand Support Training in Victoria, BC. “The Looking […]

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by Vanessa Braun Jan 25, 2018

A Personal Story

I grew up in a nurturing home with parents who loved and supported me. My fondest childhood memories are of weekend ...

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Storyoga Offerings


storyoga-preschool“Once upon a time there was a little girl named Mattea and she always liked to go to Storyoga. The little girl had so much fun at Storyoga that she even didn’t want to leave” ~ Mattea, 4

Storyoga Preschool is a progressive nature and yoga based program committed to embracing and empowering children exactly as they are.

Adult Workshops

storyoga-adult-workshops“Organized, well thought out and balanced presentation. I came away with lots of new gems. Thank you for the inspiration!” ~ Kathy Beliveau

Vanessa’s background as an ECE, paired with her yoga teacher training makes for a brilliant combination when it comes to teaching teachers how to share the love of yoga!

Goddess Girls Retreats

storyoga-retreats“I loved the food, the destination, the pampering, the tea workshop, the swimming and the laughs that were shared” ~ Rose Chisholm

Yoga and mindfulness retreats for girls are designed to ignite a love for oneself inside and out while nurturing their mind, body and soul.

Nature Lovers’ Camps

storyoga-camps“I like doing the downward dog and the Pom Pom Blessing. I like yoga because it is good for your body and we learn about nature” ~ Lucas, 6

A two-, three-, or five-day camp designed to nurture your child’s body, mind, and spirit through a nourishing blend of stories, yoga, relaxation, breathing, art…

Registration is now open
for both Storyoga Preschool locations!