Welcome to the home of the Storyoga site, where children’s literature, a love of nature, and yoga unite! Vanessa Braun is the proud Founder of Storyoga and the Director of Storyoga Preschool.

Storyoga is a nature- and yoga-based program, happily rooted in Sidney, BC.

Born in 2009, Storyoga started as a holistic program designed to bring together children’s literature with yoga. Since then it has taken greater shape and form and has blossomed into a methodology and philosophy of its own that is committed to embracing and empowering children of all ages. This philosophy comes from a deeply-rooted desire to celebrate, honour, nurture, and encourage children to be their most authentic selves and to shine their light into the world.



“Dearest Vanessa, Erin, and Frances, we are so grateful for Storyoga and all of you. For the peace, beauty, creativity, acceptance and community building you bring to our lives. For the music, mindfulness, yoga, and healthy treats. For uninhibited artwork and adventure. We feel so lucky. Namaste ♥”
~ Kristin, Mark, Charlotte, and Lilly, 2016

“Your program is so wonderful and I enjoy Avery coming home and showing us new moves she has learnt and wanting to try kale smoothies. My favourite is some nights when she is having trouble settling she takes deep breaths and says she is doing her yoga breathing.” ~ Tracy Abbot, Sidney BC

“I’m firmly convinced that it was divine intervention of some sort that we ended up with you. The magic you brought in to our hearts has been wonderful… Exactly how a childhood should be, but I didn’t really know it until Storyoga came into our lives. The curriculum truly inspired me too, and I feel I’m a better parent after experiencing it.” ~ Emma Shearing, Sidney BC

“Vanessa, thanks so much for allowing me to come visit Storyoga. I believe you have created a very unique place for children that allows them to play and be curious while also reinforcing acceptance of the self and others. I love that they get to be outside and seeds of mindfulness, connection, and peace are planted at the centre. I hope you’re always in a position to follow your visions because the world needs it.” ~ Emily Muertz, Illinois USA