Storyoga At McTavish Now Open!

Second Storyoga Preschool Location
Opening August 2018!

Welcome to Storyoga.

A place where children’s literature, a love of nature, and yoga unite.

Born in 2009, Storyoga started as a holistic program designed to bring together children’s literature with yoga.

Since then, it has taken greater shape and form and has become a philosophy of its’ own committed to embracing and empowering children of all ages.

“Embracing and empowering children exactly as they are”

Storyoga Stories

by Vanessa Braun Oct 11, 2018

Self Care On A Whole New Level With Baby On Board

     Prior to being pregnant I defined self-care as listening to my body, exercising, taking hot baths, taking time […]

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Storyoga Offerings


storyoga-preschool“Once upon a time there was a little girl named Mattea and she always liked to go to Storyoga. The little girl had so much fun at Storyoga that she even didn’t want to leave” ~ Mattea, 4

Storyoga Preschool is a progressive nature and yoga based program committed to embracing and empowering children exactly as they are.

Adult Workshops

storyoga-adult-workshops“Organized, well thought out and balanced presentation. I came away with lots of new gems. Thank you for the inspiration!” ~ Kathy Beliveau

Vanessa’s background as an ECE, paired with her yoga teacher training makes for a brilliant combination when it comes to teaching teachers how to share the love of yoga!

Goddess Girls Retreats

storyoga-retreats“I loved the food, the destination, the pampering, the tea workshop, the swimming and the laughs that were shared” ~ Rose Chisholm

Yoga and mindfulness retreats for girls are designed to ignite a love for oneself inside and out while nurturing their mind, body and soul.

Nature Lovers’ Camps

storyoga-camps“I like doing the downward dog and the Pom Pom Blessing. I like yoga because it is good for your body and we learn about nature” ~ Lucas, 6

A two-, three-, or five-day camp designed to nurture your child’s body, mind, and spirit through a nourishing blend of stories, yoga, relaxation, breathing, art…

Registration is now open
for both Storyoga Preschool locations!